Outreach & Enrichment

We are proud of our unique process of devising immersive and site-specific work, and we want to share it! One of Colliding Scopes' most recent initiatives is to offer outreach and enrichment opportunities for schools and community groups. We are now offering the following workshops:
  •  Devised Theatre
Devised theatre, or collective creation, involves your entire group coming together to create an original piece of theatre. We will explore devising games and activities and group analysis techniques to get your group working well and thinking creatively together. Great for groups needing an ice breaker or new creative problem-solving approaches.
  • Immersive and Site Specific Theatre
Get your audience out of their seats and into the world of your show! This workshop will focus on immersive staging, using unconventional spaces for performance, and some tactics, rules and ethics around audience agency in immersive performance. The day will culminate with participants creating their own immersive and site-specific experiences.
  • NEW: Immersive Learning Experience
Experiential learning at it's finest! Let us work with you to determine the learning objective of your class (be it creative literacy, math, etc), and we will develop a tailor-made immersive learning experience for your students in which a part of their school is transformed into a learning resource/ art installation, with the objective being to delve deeper into the identified learning objective. Recommended for primary and elementary level students.
We can also work with you to develop bespoke workshop or residency opportunities with your class, school, or group.
Contact us to find out how!
Company members Aimee, Zoe and Evelyn demonstrate to Arnprior District High School students the different ways to arrange plot when creating a piece of devised theatre.
The cast and crew of Legacy arranges a special talk-back with our new friends at ADHS
after the show.
Colliding Scopes company members catch the performance of the ADHS original immersive production, Beautiful Little Fools, developed in part through workshops with Colliding Scopes Theatre. 
Over the last three years, Colliding Scopes has fostered a unique mentorship relationship with the high school drama students at Arnprior District High School and their drama club, Chromatic Theatre. By leading workshops on creating immersive theatre and devised theatre, providing dramaturgical assistance during their own creation processes, and arranging visits to see and discuss each others' work, Chromatic Theatre students have not only worked toward their SHSM certificate in Arts and Culture, but have also developed a shared interest in creating their own original works of immersive theatre based on classic and beloved texts.
See what Ms. Marybeth Pidgeon, Drama Teacher and Technology Department Head at ADHS, has to say about this unique mentorship relationship by clicking here.